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Friday, April 15, 2005

Well, I am doing a good job of proving that line in my very first post that states, " I am an excellent starter of things, but I've never finished anything." See... its true. I am failing at keeping this blog/journal thing going. And I have NO excuse! I am lazy and easily bored. Sad, but true. I am reading some other blogs out there and, jeez, people have full lives! They have families (parents and children,) and high powered jobs (lawyer or code editor,) and hobbies (knitting and scrapbooking,) and they go to the gym, and STILL find time to write about the hysterical and thought provoking moments of their exceedingly full lives! AUGH!

OK, enough of that. I will do the best I can and I will not give into my perpetual inferiority complex. Ha! Take that you sorry sagging ego!

As I was saying: to catch up on the eternal emptiness of my existence... NO. WAIT! I must NOT give in!

So, to catch up on the uniquely simple and unencumbered life I lead... (ah, that's better...) I have some thoughts on birthdays. My birthday way April 11th. I turned 38, and I am totally OK with that. Sure, I wish I had less lines in my face and more tone in my everything, but for the most part I am pretty happy with my life.

Wow. I really have nothing to say today. Work is crazy busy, and I am planning a baby shower which is taking up a good chunk of time. I'll try again tomorrow.

Thanks for hanging in so far - if you actually have!


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