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Monday, March 14, 2005

Health? What's that?

I don't know as I have ever really thought long and hard about my health. I am not much of a planner, and I tend to sort of fly by the seat of my pants, but as I grow older I discovered that I might want to be thinking about maintaining this here vessel.

I've done my share of working out, and for the most part I really enjoyed it. But I was always doing it for the vain reason of wanting to look better. I never thought much about the physical benefits, like keeping my heart healthy or my muscles strong. So, I am rapidly approaching 38, having sat on the couch every day for the last few years, and I realize I really need to move more. I have had some recent incidents in which I have had chest pain when I am stressed. My neck and left arm bother me, my eyes sometimes feel like there is so much pressure in them they might pop. Now, before you jump in and tell me what is wrong with me, I have been to my doctor. He says I am fine. However, he saw me for about 15 minutes, asked me some questions, took my blood pressure, did an EKG and this was what he said to me.

"You look pretty healthy to me, and none of the tests show anything so, I think you just need to get out and take a walk around the block."

Hmmm. I am unsatisfied by this response. I feel better knowing I don't have high blood pressure, which I was sure I had. But, he didn't do any blood tests. What about cholesterol? Diabetes? I just don't think you can look at me for 10 minutes and do a 5 minute EKG and tell me I am fine. Aside from his opinion, I decided to start doing a better job maintaining myself. I started walking with my neighbor in the mornings, for 30 minutes. I am eating better. (I have sworn off cheese for a while because that is my favorite thing to eat, in all forms.) And drinking less. As a matter of fact, drinking barely interests me anymore. I am shocked at this revelation, yet pleased as well.

Since my husband's accident I have noticed that the same things don't bother me anymore. When you have looked death in the face, or seen it in someone else's face, a lot of the petty stuff doesn't matter. And holding on dearly to this amazing gift called life becomes so much more important. So from here on out, I am striving to make my "life" better. You may read some exercise updates, or a list of foods I have eaten, because this blog is ultimately for me. However, if you have ideas or suggestions about staying on a healthy path, I welcome the comments.

So, here's to life!


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