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Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Apparently, I've broken his dog

When I met the man who became my (2nd) husband, I was absolutely delighted to find that he and his daughter had a dog; a beautiful 75 pound, red haired bundle of energy. Champ is half golden retriever, half collie and 100% spaz. I had a German Shepard as a child, his name was Frosty, but he was a little too big and too strong for me to really get cuddly. I have ached for a dog ever since. I am not just a dog lover, I am obsessed. I have a well worn copy of the book that lists all the different breeds. I know them all. I wanted to train dogs for search and rescue, for drug or bomb sniffing, or for therapy. I. LOVE. DOGS.

So, I join this happy family of Speedy (hubby,) Smarty (his daughter), and Spaz, and I am thrilled to have what I always wanted:
Just add water!
Comes with handsome husband,
intelligent and sassy daughter,
energetic dog,
and a beautiful, medium sized ranch for storage!
Some assembly required.
Well, no one told me its not that simple. OK, LOTS of people told me that, but I didn't listen. Nope. I, in my idealistic way, believed whole heartedly that my situation was going to be different. But, I am getting off the subject.. I was trying to pay homage to my dog. That's right... MY dog. Champ (AKA: Spaz) is MY dog now. Both Speedy and Smarty would beg to differ, but I am telling you, HE'S MINE. When I sit down he lays at my feet. Now that's not unusual, I understand. But I just can't keep my hands off of him. I love to pet him. I have to have my foot touching him when he is near me. I can't help but talk to him when he looks into my eyes, or is waiting patiently by the door to be let out. And he is equally attached to me. He respects Speedy, but he LOVES me. I wish he respected me... but I admit I spoiled this poor beast by lavishing him with all of my love. He can't possibly respect a person who speaks to him in gibberish and often asks his opinion on things (in English.) How can he respect someone who allows him on the couch or on the bed when the Alpha Dog isn't home? I am sorry Champ. I have committed the sin of loving too much, and thus I have confused you. Now you get yelled at by the Alpha Dog for doing what I allow you to do. I can't explain the depths of my shame. Please forgive me, furry one. But, you know that I get yelled at by the Alpha Dog too, because I just can't seem to follow the rules either. Perhaps that is why I feel as if we are kindred spirits, and why I love you so. And why I keep turning to you to feel that unconditional love you give so freely. We're not broken, Champ. We're just little worn out, that's all. We'll be just fine.


  • At 6:10 AM, Blogger PaintingChef said…

    But that's what dogs are FOR! Mine is spoiled rotten, we're talking sleeping in the bed, constant human contact, putting grilled chicken in the dog food, stocking at Christmas spoiled rotten. And I talk to her every single day, so does my husband. You have NOT broken his dog, you enriched Champ's life by giving him another human to love unconditionally.

  • At 7:35 AM, Blogger JayBee said…

    Someone commented! Thank you!
    This is my very first comment! Whooot!

    Hey Chef... love your paintings!


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