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Friday, February 11, 2005

She's hot!

So, I've got this friend. I've known her since high school (that's a LONG time) and we have always been friends. Though we have taken different paths over the years, we both make an effort to stay in touch. When we are together we laugh to that point when you have to grab your crotch to keep from peeing yourself. It is as if there weren't months between visits and miles between us. And I need to see her more. She isn't so far away that I can't get there in a few hours. I've really got to work on that.

That said, let me tell you, she is an amazing woman. She is beautiful; with a great smile and an infectious laugh. She has risen up the corporate ladder in a difficult business. She lives alone in the best city in the world (NYC) and does it with class and style. She's been skydiving. She travels to foreign countries for vacation... by herself. She's funny as hell, she can cook, she can do Reiki, she can know your faults and not judge. She's a little bit anal retentive, but that is what keeps her organized and prompt. And... she's single. WHY!? How is it so many men have missed out on this amazing person?

Well, I just hope she knows how cool she is. And I hope someone else figures it out real soon too. Because she deserves it. She doesn't NEED it. But she does deserve it.

You ROCK, girl friend.


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